Nail of the Day!

I was going to do a face of the day post today, but I have some sort of skin irritation going on. I've got all of these raised bumps all over my chin, nose and forehead. You can't even really see them on my face, but I can feel them. I think it's some kind of reaction to one of the new products I have been using. But anyway, because of the irritation, I don't want to put any makeup on my face and risk irritating it furthur. So, instead of a face of the day, I decided to share with you what's on my nails today. I went with something super simple and classic for fall in my opinion. a great taupe-y grey!

I used the Wet 'n Wild Megalast nail polish in wet cement. I love this polish! It's my first experience with the megalast nail polishes and i adore the formula and the brush. The brush is quite big. i usually despise large nail polish brushes because I find them to be quite messy, but this one is big, but it's also flat so it's incredibly easy to control. I can cover my entire fingernail in one sweep. This particular color is great too. It was entirely opaque and smooth in just two coats! I finished it off with a layer of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat.

BC used: none
NP used: Wet n wild megalast nail polish in Wet Cement
TC used: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat

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Debby Bubby Tomecek said...

LLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE that color! Am anxious to try it especially with the big brush applicator! Thanks for posting it , looks fantastic!


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