My Christmas Wish list: Beauty Edition

I was sitting here perusing the internet for the latest and greatest in makeup because hello, I am me! haha. But as I was shopping around I was sort of putting together in a wish list in my head. And so I thought, rather than simply sharing it with my husband, who is always looking for ideas as to what to get me, I would share it with you all too. This might give you an idea as to what to get the women in your life, or maybe it will inspire you to put together your own wish list. Now, obviously, I do not expect to get everything on my list. I just put a large variety of items on my list so that my loved ones would have lots of ideas to choose from! So, when you see multiple items on my list, don't think I am some crazy super selfish person! haha. So let's jump right into the list!

 Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette.
This is the perfect companion to the naked and the naked 2 palettes I already own, in my opinion. It's 6 matte shades, 4 of which are exclusive to this palette. The Naked and Naked 2 palettes are amazing, but they are sadly lacking in matte shades. There are a couple between the two palettes, but this naked basics palette would be a great addition. Plus, it would complete the collection. haha. The Naked Basics Palette can be purchased on UrbanDecay.com and retails for 27 dollars.

Elf Baked Eyeshadow palettes in NYC

I am incredibly anxious to try out the baked eyeshaows from ELF. I have tried on a couple of different occassions to purchase the one in NYC but it's been sold out each time. I think this would be a great little palette to have! There is also a palette that contains browns and neutrals, but I have a ton of those types of eyeshadows already. The NYC palette looks like it's got some awesome shades that would work well for smokey eyes. Plus, I've never actually tried any baked eyeshadows before! Can you believe it? haha. The Elf baked palette can be purchased from eyeslipsface.com for 10 dollars!

Revlon Lip Butters

I have a few of these lip products already, and I just yesterday ordered a few more, but I am obsessed with these, and would love to, eventually have them all. The ones currently in my collection are "Raspberry Pie", "Creme Brulee" and "Strawberry Shortcake". I just ordered "Fig Jam", "Sugar Plum" and "Red Velvet" That leaves approximately 13 other shades for my loved ones to choose from! haha. These can be purchased at pretty much any drugstore, and retail for between 6 and 8 dollars.

Tarte Blush and Bronze on the go Set

I love the holidays because a lot of higher end brands come out with special sets for much cheaper than the normal price. This little set is a mini Tarte bronzer in park avenue princess and a mini Tarte blush in dollface. I have been wanting to try these out for quite some time, but the prices on Tarte products are just too high for a product that I don't know if I will like or not. This little duo is a great way to try out the products without the large price tag! This set can be purchased at Ulta.com and retails for $15.

Essie Razzle Dazzle Manicure trio

This little set is so cute! I have never tried Essie nail polish before, and have been eying the luxe effects glitter top coat in "a cut above" for a while. So why not go for the set? It includes that polish, as well as the color "limited addiction" and a base coat. Can't go wrong with that! This set is available for purchase on Ulta.com and retails for 16 dollars. There are similar sets in various colors available on ulta.com as well!

Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand

I have been wanting a really good curling iron for quite some time. I recently purchased a large barrel curler, but I think that this curling wand would be a neat little tool to try out on my hair. I have seen a ton of great reviews on this particular curler, and I think I would enjoy it a lot! You can purchase this curling wand at a ton of different stores. It retails for around 25 dollars.

So there ya go! Those are a few things that are on my Christmas wish list! I am sure that there will be more as it gets closer to Christmas, but hopefully this post was helpful for you! What's on your Christmas wish list? Leave me a comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading!!


Debby said...

I love this selection you made...I think the elf baked shades look cool and the lip butters are inteesting too. I love the name of the fig one! Good choices!Thanks!

Mystique Burba said...

I've yet to own any UD products, but I'm definitely looking into trying their Naked palettes. Lip butters are another I'd like to try too, but I'm not sure which to try first. Lol


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