Review and Swatches: Maybelline Color Whisper

Today I am bringing you a review of some new products. They are the Maybelline color whisper lipsticks. Maybelline describes these lipsticks as Pure color pigments suspended in a weightless gel. No heavy waxes or oils. Soft, sexy gel-color. These lipsticks remind me a lot of the Revlon lip butters, which you guys all know that I love. Except that these lipsticks might be even lighter weight than the lip butters!

Before I get into the product itself, let's talk about the packaging. I adore the packaging on these. It's a super lightweight, slimline case. These lipsticks are a tad taller than an average maybelline lipstick, but quite a bit slimmer, which is great because they take up very little space in your bag or your makeup storage area. The caps somewhat coordinate with the color of the lip product inside, and the cursive font that spells out the "whisper" is adorable. I really love the packaging on these!

As you can see, the color whisper (right) is just a tad taller than an average maybelline lipstick

But they are a lot slimmer. Maybelline color sensational lipstick on the left
Maybelline Color Whisper on the right

The beautiful font on the packaging
Now that we've talked a little bit about the packaging let's get into the products themselves. I currently have four of the maybelline color whispers. I have it in the color Coral Ambition, a sheer coral color. Pin up Peach, a nice sheer peach-y shade with enough pink in it to keep it from pulling too orange. There is the tiniest amount of shimmer in this one, but it doesn't translate to the lips. Berry Ready is a deep berry shade that is by far the most opaque of the ones I own. While the others are very sheer and can be built up, just one swipe of Berry Ready gets you a very opaque color on the lips. And lastly, Lust for Blush, which is a soft cool toned pink.
L to R: Coral Ambition, Pinup Peach, Berry Ready, Lust for Blush

Coral Ambition, Pinup Peach, Berry Ready, Lust for Blush

Coral Ambition, Pinup Peach, Berry Ready, Lust for Blush

Coral Ambition, Pinup Peach, Berry Ready, Lust for Blush

All of these lip colors leave a very nice, glossy finish to the lips. None of them are particularly long lasting. They're very sheer and moisturizing which is great, but doesn't lend itself to long wear. Each of these lasts about 3-4 hours on the lips if I am not eating or drinking. But, due to their sheer nature they are very easy to reapply without worrying too much about application. The only one that you really even need a mirror for is Berry Ready, and even that one is very forgiving.

Overall I really love these lipsticks. I might like them even more than my beloved Revlon Lip Butters, if you can believe it. I think I have a very nice variety of shades, but I definitely want to invest in more in the future. Luckily, as far as I can tell, these lip colors are part of Maybelline's permanent collection, so they will be sticking around for a while! Do you own any of the Maybelline Coor Whisper lipsticks? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think of them!

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