March Polish Picks!

Hi guys! Long time no see! I feel like I have not made a blog post in ages. I guess it's because I have been focusing so much of my time and energy on my youtube channel! If you aren't subscribed to my youtube channel, you should go and check it out! There's exclusive content that you won't find here, on my blog, and I update there much more regularly! www.youtube.com/Jwhackers I think you'll like it there!

If you subscribe to my youtube channel you will see a video about my March Polish picks! This in a more in-depth version of that video. In the video I show the polishes that I chose to wear in the month of March and give a brief description. here I have more details on the polishes, why I chose to wear them as well as photos! yay!

So, the first polish that I chose to wear in the month of March is a beautiful purple shade. It's from Wet n Wild and it's their Megalast formula. The nail polish in called On a trip. It's gorgeous. It's a great cream finish, and glides on the nail effortlessly. The brushes on the megalast brand of polishes is awesome, because it's a thicker, flat brush which makes application a breeze. Just a swipe or two on each nail is all you need, and the formula on this particular color is opaque enough that you could get away with just one coat! I did two, because, well that's what I am used to! This color was not the easiest to photograph. You will see in the photos below. The color is actually somewhere between the two photos, but I did my best to show you all a decent representation of the color.

After I was done rocking the purple, I decided to go with a nice pretty baby pink! I chose another Wet n Wild polish. This time in the wild shine variety! The color I chose is called tickled pink. It's such a pretty true pink. The formula is great and this color is very opaque for such a pastel shade. To amp up the mani a bit I decided I wanted an accent nail, so while I put the girly pink on most of my nails, I did a gold accent on my ring fingers. I did a coat of Revlon's nail polish in Gold coin. It's one of my all time favorite polishes. It's a gorgeous metallic gold shade with an awesome easy to use formula. And then on top of the Gold coin I did a couple of coats of a glitter top coat from Elf in Gold Star. It's just a clear base with large pieces of Gold Glitter. I loved the way this looked together!

About 5 days later, I was rushing out the door, but I wanted to do a little something different with my nails, because the pink polish had chipped a bit. Since the gold glitter accent I had done previously was still perfect, I decided to keep it on, and just replace the pink. I chose a Sinful Colors Polish this time in the color Savage. Savage did NOT photograph true to color at all. In reality there is much more green in the polish making it a beautiful teal color. It just looks blue in the photo and does not do this polish justice at all. I love the sinful colors nail polishes! There are a huge variety of colors in the line, and they are only $1.99 and I often find them on sale for just .99! Can't go wrong with that!

Next up was my St Patrick's day manicure! Not gonna lie, I went a little crazy with this one. I must have really been feeling Gold in March, because I chose yet another gold polish. This time I wore an Avon Nailwear Pro polish in the color gleaming Gold. It's a yellow gold shade that just screamed St. Patrick's day to me. On top of that, I chose a shades of the Seasons glitter polish. It doesn't have a name, but it's a true emerald green color. And then, since apparently that wasn't enough glitter, and apparently I am in love with it, I put a coat of Elf's Gold Star on top. This was a glitter bomb of a manicure and I only wore it for two or three days. I wasn't honestly all that crazy about it, but it sure was fitting for St. Paddy's day!

After I removed the glittery manicure (There's a video on my YT channel all about how to remove glitter polish if you need some tips) I went with something completely demure and pretty. I chose a model city polish in the color orange you just peachy. Model City is an indie nail polish company that I found on etsy, and I just love the polishes. Orange you just peachy is a super muted peachy color that looks almost nude on the nails and has a ton of holographic glitter in it. It's a very unique color and I got a lot of compliments on it!
You should check out her shop, there are loads of unique and pretty polishes to choose from! www. etsy.com/shop/modelcitypolish

About the same time, I went ahead and gave myself a pedicure. I only do my toe nails about once a month. So in honor of spring and warmer weather I chose a bright pink shade for my tootsies! I went with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polish in the color in fuchsia power. This polish just screamed spring for me, and I love the Xtreme Wear polishes! Sorry the picture isn't the best! I went back and touched up my nails after I saw this photo!

And lastly I Will share with you the mani I am rocking right now! It's my Easter nails! I wanted to do something in Easter colors that was a bit more fun, so I did some very basic nail art. On all of my nails except for my ring fingers I painted the Sally Hansen Hard as nails nail polish in the color no hard feelings, which is a pretty lilac purple color. Then, on my ring fingers I did a couple of coats of an Orly polish called Spark. It's a great Yellow shade. Yellow nail polish is about the worst color to apply. I have NEVER found a really good yellow, but this one is pretty decent. It took about three coats to get even and opaque, which, all things considered isn't too bad! And then, I took a wooden skewer (I don't have a dotting tool) and on the purple nails I did yellow polka dots and on the yellow nail I did purple polka dots. I loved the way it turned out and now that I figured out how to do polka dots you can be sure I will be doing them in lots of manicures in the future!

OK so that's it! Those are all the polishes I picked in the month of March! I am so ready for April and lots more spring-time manicures! I can't wait to share them with you all! What nail polishes did you rock in the month of March? Leave me a comment below and let me know! Thanks for stopping by!!

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