April Polish Picks!

It's time again to share with you the nail polishes I wore for the month! I really enjoy these posts. I am totally obsessed with nail polish, in case you haven't noticed, so I love sharing with you all the polishes I chose to wear each month! So let's just go right ahead and get started.

I started out the month wearing a really cool color combination. A Coral color and a blue color, and I really enjoyed the way this color combo looked. What I did was painted my middle finger and thumb on each hand with the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish in the color in Blue me away. It's a bright blue cream finish polish that I just love. And then on my pointer finger, ring finger and pinkie I went with one of my all time favorite nail polishes, Elf's Coral Dream. Then, to sort of tie the whole look together I did a random little dotted pattern on my ring finger over the coral with the bright blue. It was a fun little mani! Coral and bright blue are some of my favorite colors, and I liked the color combination a ton! I wasn't crazy about the random design I did, but I still liked this manicure a lot.

After I was through with the coral and blue look, I went for something quite a bit more understated. I painted all of my nails with another one of my all time favorite nail polishes, Wet n Wild Megalast in the color I need a refresh-mint. It's just a gorgeous, tiffany box blue color. Very light and pretty. I love the megalast polishes a lot, because they are super easy to apply. I love the formula and I especially love the brush. Then, to add a bit more interest, I did a subtle glitter accent nail on my ring finger and thumb. I just applied one thin coat of Revlon's whimsical which is a sheer milky blue base with large, sparse chunks of pink and blue glitter. It was a very pretty combo!

Next, I went with yet another of the Wet n Wild Megalast polishes. This time I chose the super subtle, demure 2% milk. It's a sheer milky cream colored polish. It took about 3 coast to be opaque. I actually wore this polish alone for a day, and just got bored with how plain jane it was (in case you can't tell I like fun accents!) so I went ahead and did some free hand tips using the New York Color nail polish in the color High Line Green. It's one of NYC's quick dry polishes that I love in a bright green color that is perfect for spring. I didn't use any tape or special tools to do the tips so they are a little messily done, but I liked the overall look!

Right around the time I was ready to take that polish off, I received in the mail my very first Julep Maven box. If you aren't familiar with Julep, it's a monthly subscription nail polish service, for 20 dollars a month! I got my introductory box, and was anxious to try out the formula, so I went with one of the polishes from the box, Eileen which is a bright white, cream finish polish. Then, on top, I added a China Glaze polish in Whirled away, which is a clear base with large chunks of black and white hexagonal glitter as well as black bar glitter. I loved the way this looked. So whimsical and funky and fun! And, added bonus, it fit right in with the black and white trend! This was a pain the butt to apply. Whirled away is not my favorite glitter polish ever. You have to place the glitters exactly where you want them, you can't just brush them on. But I find that to be the case with a lot of polishes with large chunks of glitter, so it wasn't too much of a bother. The overall finished look was worth it! It was even worth the pain it was to remove (Thank God for the foil method of polish removal!)

Next, I went for another glitter-centric manicure. Apparently I am a glutton for nail polish removal punishment. But this was another one of those that made the removal process so worth it. I started out with a Sally hansen Xtreme WEar polish in the color Lacey Lilac. It's one of my all time favorite Xtreme WEar polishes at the moment. It's just a nice, pretty lilac color. Then I added the glitter! I went with REvlon's nail polish in the color Girly which is a pinky-puple sheer base with a ton of large pieces of indigo, fuchsia and purple glitter as well as smaller lilac and pink glitters. I loved the way this looked. It was definitely a very girly mani! It reminded me, for some reason, of a gumdrop! Not entirely sure why. But I really lovesd this manicure. I love REvlon's glitter polishes and this one might just be my favorite!

After that, I was ready to take a bit of a break from all the glitter and crazy color combinations. And luckily, right around that time, my Ipsy bag for the month of April was delivered and one of the products inside was a nail polish so I decided to give it a try. It's the Sation nail lacquer in the color Love at First Byte. It's a very sheer formula peachy color. I did three coats of this on my nails and it was still pretty sheer. That's just the nature of the polish. I actually liked it a lot, I thought it was a nice change from some of the crazier things I had been wearing so far this month. I really liked the formula of this polish a lot.

At the same time that I did that sheer, pretty mani, I went ahead and did my pedi for the month. I only paint my toe nails about once or twice a month. This time, I chose a Julep polish that I also received in my introductory box. It's a bright coral shade in the color Sasha. You can't really tell in the photo below, but this color made me look so tan! I could hardly believe it! My feet almost looked dirty at first they looked so tan! So this is a polish I will most definitely be wearing around the pool in the summer time! I liked the formula, okay, it was a bit thick, so not the easiest to work with. As I am using more and more Julep polishes I am finding that no two polishes is exactly alike as far as application goes. But I am having fun trying them out!

A couple days after I did the sation manicure, I received my second Julep box in the mail, which was the sea salt mystery box. One of the polishes inside was so pretty that I immediately took off what I was wearing and applied it. The color is Julep's Maria and it is a gorgeous rose gold metallic polish with a really high shine. I put this on, and I swear it looked like liquid metal. Almost like I had coated my nails in pink tin foil. I LOVED it. This is another one that was a bit thick and harder to work with than I would like, but it was just absolutely stunning. I felt like it went really well with my skin tone and matched everything in my wardrobe. I think this is definitely my favorite of the Julep's I have tried so far.

And the very last manicure that I want to share with you today is another super fun glitter one. I always come back to this type of mani I guess! This time, I chose one of the newest polishes in my collection. It's from Hard Candy and it's the color  Gummy Green. It's a milky mint green base with tons, and I mean tons of silver and black glitter. This seriously was like mint chocolate chip ice cream for the nails. And mint chocolate chip is my favorite. I LOVED this polish so much. Well, the look of it anyway. Not crazy about the application. It was pretty thick, but then again, with the huge amount of glitter in it, I guess it's to be expected.

And that's it for my polish picks for the month of April! I am so ready for lots more fun mani's and pedis in the month of May and you can bet I will be back to share them with you! Hope you guys enjoyed this and I will see ya later!

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