Beautiful Blues: A Guide to Blue nail polish!

I enjoyed bringing you all a guide to purple nail polishes from the drugstore so much that I decided to give you all an overview of some more of my polishes. This time it's blues! I have quite a few polishes to show you and compare for you, so I will just get right into it.

1. Zoya Blu- $8

The first polish I will share with you is the polish that has most recently entered my nail polish collection. I just received this in my May Ipsy Bag. This is a beautiful opaque baby blue. There is a lot of white in this polish. It's very, very opaque. You can get full coverage in just one coat, which is what you see in the swatch above. It's a great formula. This is the first Zoya nail polish that I have tried, and I really love the formula. It's a but more expensive than the other blues I have to share with you, but I think that the formula makes it worth it.

2. Sinful Colors Cinderella- $2

This is another very pale blue, but this differs from Zoya Blu because it has a lot of silver micro shimmer running through it. It is a beautiful color. I have said before that Sinful Colors is a great brand because it's super inexpensive and there is a huge variety of colors. Cinderella is a must have polish if you love blues as much as I do. It is opaque in just two coats!

3. Sinful Colors Endless Blue- $2

The picture for this polish does not do it justice at all. Endless Blue is a beautiful deep bright blue that is gorgeous. It is a cream formula, and it is opaque in just two coats. I wish I had a better picture to better represent how truly beautiful and unique this color is. It's a must have blue in my opinion, and can't be beat for 2 dollars!

4. Sinful Colors Nail Junkie- $2
Sinful Colors also does a ton of really awesome glitter polishes. Nail Junkie is chock full of small pieces of blue and green glitter. There is so much glitter in this that it is totally opaque on it's own. You can layer this on top of another polish, but it's not necessary. It can be worn on it's own. It's a beautiful shade, and a must have, in my opinion, if you like glitter as much as I do! Also, you can see a much better representation of Sinful Colors Endless Blue in this photo to the right of Nail Junkie. You can see how deep but bright the color is.

5. Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Blue Moon- $1

Blue Moon is a gorgeous, super inexpensive blue from Wet n Wild. At just one dollar, this is a fantastic value. It's a deep, navy blue with some super finely milled green shimmer running through it that makes this color truly unique, especially for the one dollar drugstore price tag. I have a couple of the Wild Shine line of polishes from Wet n Wild and they are all very nice quality for the price. If you're looking for a navy polish with some shimmer, this might just be the one for you.

6. NYC Long Wearing Nail polish in Empire State Blue- $1

This is another super budget friendly blue polish. This time, from the brand New York Color. You can get the long wearing version of NYC polishes for under a dollar at most drugstores. I personally get mine from walmart. Empire State Blue is a medium toned, brighter blue, and this one, too, has some green micro shimmer. I like these sort of blues a lot. The Long Wearing formula isn't the best ever. It gets opaque in 2-3 coats, and lasts about 3-4 days without chipping with a good top coat.

7. China Glaze Mosaic Madness- $6-$8 dollars

Now for something completely different. If you are looking for some dark blue chunky glitter to top one of your favorite polishes, look no furthur than Mosaic Madness from China Glaze. I LOVE this polish. China Glaze makes some amazing chunky glitter top coats. Mosaic Madness has small, medium and large pieces of glitter as well as bar glitter. It's very pretty and very unique! The price for China Glaze ranger from 6-8 dollars, from my experience, and they can be found at Sally Beauty Supply.

8. Revlon Princess- $5

This is a very unique color, and one of my favorite blues in my collections. It's a very frosty, almost metallic, blue. It's got a ton of shimmer in it which makes it a more of a silvery looking blue. It's unlike anything else that I have in my collection. I love Revlon's line of nail polishes. And this one is one of my favorite blues! I highly recommend it!

9. Revlon Whimsical- $5

Here's another awesome Revlon nail polish. Whimsical is a sheer baby blue base with medium sized hexagonal glitter in pink and blue. I think the name of this polish is perfect for this polish. The glitter is very sparse throughout the polish making it look very unique. This polish really needs to be used on top of another polish, in my opinion. It's not really opaque enough to be worn on it's own,. But over another baby blue polish, or even white, It's gorgeous! 

10. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear nail polish in Pacific Blue $2

This might just be my all time favorite blue nail polish. This is a cult avorite in the beauty community online. Pacific blue is a gorgeous cornflower bluedifferent from all the other blues in my collection. It's one of those polishes that doesn't look all that special but is beautiful on the nail. It's opaque in two coats and has amazing lasting power. But, the color is just so pretty and unique, this is a must have polish. If you have just one blue in your nail polish collection, in my opinion, this should be it! It's super inexpensive. I get mine at walmart for two dollars or less! Run, don't walk, and get this for your collection. you won't regret it! 

There ya go! There's just a quick guide to blues! I have a lot of other amazing blues in my collection as well. This isn't even close to all of them. Blue might just be my favorite nail polish color. But I think this covers a lot of different styles and shades of blue, and if you don't see something you like in this lot of blue, than perhaps blue just isn't for you. Hope you found this helpful, and I will talk to you guys again soon! 

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