NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish in Radio City Rose

At my most recent trip to the dollar tree I came across a two pack of new york color nail polishes for a dollar. 50 cents for a nail polish? I was sold! I have a lot of NYC nail polishes. Both from their long lasting line of polishes and their quick dry line, which they call their "in a new york color minute" quick dry polishes. I like them a lot, so there was no way I was passing up this deal! I wanted to get a few of the duos, but I kept my shopping impulse in check an just bought one duo. One of the polishes that came in the duo is "Radio City Rose" It's a dark pink, rose color. A cream finish. This nail polish applied very easily. Two coats was all it took to be completely opaque and I love the way it turned out! Don't mind my messy cuticles. I didn't have time to take a picture of the cleaned up mani, because I was headed out the door, so this will have to do.

I really did like the finished manicure! For 50 cents, I thought, this couldn 't be beat! Unfortunately, this mani didn't last. I've only been wearing this color on my nails for about 24 hours and it's already starting to chip. Still, for 50 cents, I am definitely glad I grabbed this polish up, because the color is gorgeous! It reminds me a lot of another polish that I have from Sally Hansen. It's an xtreme wear polish in the color Fucshia Power. I need to compare the two and see if they are dupes.

So overall, do I recommend this polish? If you are someone who likes to change your nail polish often and don't need something that lasts a super long time on the nails, I definitely recommend you pick up this polish, especially if you can find it at the dollar tree in one of those awesome duos. But, even if you have to pay full price for this, these quick dry polishes from NYC retail for $1.99 and that price can't be beat! I highly reccomend you check out the NYC polishes at your local walmart, or drug store, because it's a great range of colors, and even though they don't last for ages, they are a great value!

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