Summer Must Haves: Maybelline Baby Lips

It's time for me to talk to you guys about the next product that I highly recommend for summer. I love lip balm. I think it's so important in the summer time especially to keep your lips protected from the sun and hydrated! And tinted lip balms are even better because they provide protection and hydration as well as a nice little hint of color so it can be all you need for your lips in a day. My favorite tinted lip balms are the Maybelline Baby lips lip balms. I love these! They are so highly moisturizing and they come in a wide range of colors. I have a ton of them but there are still a ton of other colors that are available in the drugstores. So there's a color out there for everyone! Or you can be like me, and do your best to hoard as many of them as possible.

I love the packaging on these. The bright colors just remind me of the 90s, or something. haha. And these provide what I find to be the perfect amount of color for summer. They also smell amazing, which is a nice added bonus.

I have 11 shades! (There might even be mroe floating around in my various handbags, I carry these with me constantly!)

Peach Kiss- A gorgeous, very lightly tinted balm in a pretty peachy nude color.
Cherry Me- This one leaves a beautiful red, "just ate a Popsicle" look to your lips.
Pink Wink- A super sheer baby pink shade.
Yummy Plummy- a nice plum shade
Grape Vine- a bit of a brighter purple than yummy plummy. One of my faves!
Pink Punch- A bright in your face pink!
Coral Crush- a gorgeous coral. The perfect summertime color to go with a tan!
Melon Mania- not as pigmented as some of the others, but a really pretty wash of peachy pink
Quenched- a completely colorless balm
Peppermint (not pictured below)- another clear balm that smells just like peppermint. lovely!
Twinkle- Almost completely clear. Has the slightest hint of peachy color that barely shows up on the lips

There are also new neon versions of these lip balms available that I can't wait to get my hands on! Do I think that you need ALL of these colors? Of course not! Not everyone is a makeup harder like me. But I highly suggest that you pick one up! Keep in mind that not all of these lip balms contain SPF. I know for sure that the clear one in Quenched has SPF 20, but I am not sure about the rest of them, so if you are set on SPF be sure to do some research before you pick these up. But I highly reccomend any of these if you are looking for a very moisturizing lip product with a dash of pretty color. My favorite colors of the ones I own are Cherry Me, Grape Vine and Coral Crush. But I use all of them on a very regular basis, and I don't think you can go wrong with any of them!

Now here's some swatches!!

Peach Kiss, Cherry Me, Pink Wink, Yummy Plummy, Grape Vine, Pink Punch,
Coral Crush, Melon Mania, Quenched, Twinkle 

Peach Kiss. Cherry Me, Pink Wink, Yummy Plummy, Grape Vine,
Pink Punch, Coral Crush, Melon Mania, Quenched, Twinkle
Peach Kiss, Cherry Me, Pink Wink, Yummy Plummy, Grape Wine,
Pink Punch, Coral Crush, Melon Mania, Quenched, Twinkle

Have you tried any of the maybelline baby lips? What is your favorite from the line? Never tried them before? Which one of the ones above appeals to you most? Leave me a comment down below and let me know, I would love to hear from you! Thanks so much for stopping by, and I will be back with more summer must haves soon!

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