Julep The Champagne Trio Swatches and Review (Amity, Clio, Reiko)

When I was trying to decide whether or not I wanted to buy the champagne trio from Julep, I searched the internet for a description of the polishes, as well as swatches and all I came up with were the generic swatches and descriptions from Julep. While that was better than nothing, I really would have liked to see real life swatches, so I thought I would go ahead and do that, that way anyone who is looking for a better idea as to what the polishes look like could see before ordering. I know that the trio is part of the secret store right now, but that's almost over, so hopefully the trio will be available in the future, and this will be helpful to someone. Before I show you my swatches, let me tell you a bit about the trio, and what Julep has to say about them!

From Julep.com:

We created this limited-edition trio to celebrate the second anniversary of the Julep Maven program. We chose these gorgeous polish names to share our joy at having reached this milestone, our appreciation for everyone who helped us get here, and the connection we feel with our Mavens.
Set includes:
  • Amity (friendship) - Classic with a Twist: White gold metallic

  • Clio (celebration) - Bombshell: Silver, pink, and lavender multi-dimensional glitter

  • Reiko (gratitude) - It Girl: Rose gold metallic
And now that you have seen everything that Julep's website, let me go ahead and tell you a bit about my experience with the polish and then show you some of my swatches! 

The first polish in the trio, Amity, Julep describes as a White gold metallic polish. I think that's a pretty accurate description. This polish is really pretty. Became opaque, for me, in two coats, and was not streaky at all. I found the formula of this polish to be fairly water-y, which is unusual, in my experience. Most of the polishes that I have received from Julep have been on the thicker side. This nail polish applied like a dream and I really like it. 

Clio, the second polish in the trio, is such a stunning glitter polish. It's a clear base with both silver microglitter and small glitter as well as pink glitter and lavender micro glitter. It applied very nicely. A little thicker than Amity, but still by no means thick. Two coats had it opaque. You can definitely wear this glitter on it's own, not necessarily just as a glitter top coat. It's my favorite of the three polishes. 

Reiko is also really pretty. Julep calls it a rose gold, and I agree with that description though it leans much more gold than rose in my opinion. This is a really beautiful metallic polish and like Amity, was a bit watery which made it really easy to apply. This, too, was opaque in two coats and very, very pretty, though perhaps not the most unique polish ever.

And now here's some swatches. I painted two coats of each polish on my nail wheel and took the photos with my camera phone. Though the pictures aren't as clear as I would like, I find that the colors are very true to life, which is why I am posting these, rather than the ones I took on my camera which were not at all true to color. 


The Champagne Trio

Amity, Clio, Reiko

Amity, Clio. Reiko

Amity, Clio, Reiko

Amity, Clio, Reiko

Final Thoughts: 

If you can get your hands on this set of polishes, I highly recommend them. I own about 10 Julep nail polishes so far, and the formula on these is by far my favorite. These are phenomenal!

 I think the original price for this set, at the non-maven price is $42.00! Mavens can pick it up for $33.60.
Because I skipped the monthly box where this trio was offered as an add on, Julep actually sent me an E-mail offering me the trio for just $20.00 which is already a great discount. I got lucky and happened to have a 50% off code, so I scored all three nail polishes for just $9.99 So at that price, I am VERY pleased with these nail polishes. While some of the items can be over-priced in my opinion, I think that Julep is a fantastic service and there's always a deal to be had! So I highly suggest that you sign up so you can start experiencing all that Julep has to offer. If you want to get more info and possibly sign up to be a Maven, you can check out my link here! It's a referral link, so if you sign up through my link, I get points that I can use towards future Julep purchases. So everyone wins! 

My next post is going to be a nail polish haul, where I feature this trio again. I wanted to go ahead and get this up so people could make use of the info/swatches while the trio is still in the secret store, hence why this is posted before that post. Anyways, hopefully you found this post helpful, and I will talk to you all again soon! 

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