Nail Polish Haul

Sorry for the back to back to back nail polish posts, but what can I say? This girl loves polish! I did a bit of shopping over the last week to feed my nail polish addiction. I placed an order with Ulta as well as Julep and I also stopped by my local walmart for some pretty polish! Check out my video below to see what I got!

If you're not interested in watching that video, or are unable to, I will run through everything I purchased here as well as a couple of photos that I snagged off my instagram account.

First, I will share with you what I ordered from Julep. If you saw my previous blog post then you already know what I got. I picked up the champagne trio! It's a set of three nail polishes that Julep did for their second anniversary. It comes with Amity, a white gold metallic polish, Clio, a gorgeous pink, silver and lavender glitter suspended in a clear base, and Reiko a nice rose gold metallic polish. I am in love with all three of these polishes, and you can check out that blog post for swatches!

I also made a purchase from Ulta. They were having a pretty big sale on all of their ulta brand products, and their nail polishes, which are usually 6 dollars, were selling for 2 dollars! I hadn't tried the ulta line of nail polishes yet, so I, of course, jumped on that sale! In addition to the sale price, I also had a coupon code that took $3.50 off my order, and I went ahead and used my ulta points, which you accrue making purchases through ulta is you are a rewards club member, and that took an additional 3 dollars off the order! So all told, for 8 polishes, I paid about $16.50 for all the polishes shipped. Well, then there was a delay in the processing and it was taking them longer than expected to ship my pretties, so they went ahead and deducted the shipping costs, so all told I paid about $10.50 for all 8 polishes! Can't beat that!

The nail polishes that I chose from ulta are: Maine Attraction, Eye Popping Poppy. Lime light, Grin & Berry it, Set the Nude, plum perfect, after party and Material Girl. I've already shows Maine attraction in a blog post as a nail of the day post and I am certain you will be seeing lots more nail of the day posts geaturing these shades in the near future!

And lastly I just picked up a couple of polishes, as well as a nail polish remover from Walmart (and as you can see in the picture, I also picked up some wax cubes, which is unrelated, but was part of my instahaul, so there ya go, bonus!) The polishes I picked up are from the wild shine line of polishes from wet n wild. These are super affodable! I paid just 93 cents each! The colors I chose are rain check (a really prettty pale purple-y blue frost) and Sparked (a gorgeous pink glitter). The nail polish remover I purchased is one of the types that you dip your finger into the tub, and there are plastic bristles inside that rub against the polish to remove it. It's 100% acetone and I have heard great things about this style of remover. It differs from the old kind of remover like this, that contains a sponge to remove the polish, because the plastic bristles can't be torn up and ruined like the sponge can, so I have high hopes!

So that's it for my haul! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you'll check back soon for more content from me! <3 If you have any comments or questions, or just want to chat, check out my social media links below! I would love to hear from you!!

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