Mani Monday! Glitter!

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you already know all about Mani Mondays. It's myself and a group of totally awesome nail polish junkies like me who get together every Monday to share our manis, tha are created around a theme. You should definitely check us out on facebook, and join us if you would like! It's super fun! www.facebook.com/manimondays This week's theme is glitter, and let me tell you, I couldn't be more excited, because I absolutely love manicure chocked full of glitter!!

I definitely feel like my mani that I did last week totally fir the glitter theme. It's a very sort of chrismtassy feeling manicure and I will definitely be busting out this combo around the holidays this year. I went with a really pretty sort of raspberry color for my base. It's Ulta's nail lacquer in "Grin and Berry It" and then, in order to fit the glitter theme, I did a coat of Wet n Wild Wild shine polish in Sparked on top! I really love the way these two polishes work together, don't you?

Ulta Salon Formula Nail Lacquer has become one of my favorite nail polish brands. I just recently hauled a bunch when they were on sale marked down from 6 dollars a bottle to just 2 dollars a bottle. Every single polish that I have tried from the line has been fantastic! Grin and Berry it is a really pretty sort of raspberry shade. It looks sort of red in some lights, and sort of purple in others. I would classify this as sort of a bright wine shade, which makes this one pretty uniue. It has a nice sort of pearly-y finish, and it's just beautiful. 

The glitter I chose to rock over top of that fun raspeberry shade is Wet n Wild Wild shine polish in sparked. Sparked is a gorgeous glitter that could be worn on it's own if you wanted to build it up to three coats. It's sooo pretty. It's silver and pink glitter and it just really shines on the nail. It's a very high concentration of glitter, but still very easy to work with. I can't testify to how easy it is to get off, as I am still wearing it, but I imagine a little soak in acetone will do the trick, and if all else fails I will bust out the foil method. But even if this polish is a total bear to get off, I won't be too bothered because it is just that pretty! 

Overall I am very pleased with the finished manicure. It may not be the most August appropriate combination- it definitely screams holidays to me, but I love it nontheless. I will definitely be pulling this combo out again around Christmas. Both the polishes I worked with applied like a dream and gave me no issues whatsoever! I highly recommend both polishes, both separate and worn together. 

Hopefully you guys enjoyed my Monday mani! I enjoyed sharing with you! Be sure to check out Mani Mondays on facebook, and definitely come back next week, when the theme will be Dots! How fun!! 


Lindsay said...

Great mani this week... I love that glitter combination and am wearing something very similar today :)

Lu said...

So pretty! Great combo!

Nail Polish Sleuth said...

Great glitter, love the combo!

Jessi said...

Thanks, everyone!


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