Mani Mondays: Favorite Neon

By now you're all familiar with Mani Mondays. Where myself, and a group of nail polish junkies share our manis, which are tailored to fit a theme! You should check us out on facebook and join us if you want!! (www.facebook.com/manimondays) This week's theme is Favorite neon! You all I know I love me some neon polish and there was no way I could choose just one, so I did a little colorblock mani!

There are so many neon nail polishes out there, but I don't have a ton of them in my collection. I only have 4 or 5. But these are easily my favorite shades! I chose to use China Glaze Flip Flip Fantasy and Sinful Colors 24/7.

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy
Flip Flop Fantasy is a cult favorite, and one I have a feeling a lot of people have in their collection. It's a gorgeous coral neon. So unique! I haven't ever seen anything like it from any other nail polish company! It's a neon, which means that it has a pretty streaky formula. Honestly, I have never used a neon that didn't! This one took three coats to be opaque and even out. I could have used less coats if I had applied it over a white base, I think, but who ha time for that? Multiple coats with neons is never a problem since they dry so quickly. And, like most neons, it dries matte. So it requires a top coat, if you want that shine!

Sinful Colors 24/7
Sinful Colors 24/7 is the perfect neon pink. It's bright and beautiful and the pictures do not do justice to this neon. Like Flip flop fantasy, this took 3 coats to be even and opaque, and also dried matte. This pink makes the skin look soooo tan, even if you're just one shade up from marshmallow like I am. I love it, and it's super affordable, which makes it that much nicer!

So for the favorite neon theme, I did a super cute color blocking mani with these polishes. On my thumb, index finger and pinkiefinger of my left hand, I painted Sinful Colors 24/7. And on my middle finger and ring finger I painted China Glaze Flip Flop Fantas. (I did the opposite on my right hand) Pink and coral go sooo good together, and I just loved the way it looked. But I decided to take it up a notch, and bring it all together with a fun glitter top coat, China Glaze Whirled Away.

China Glaze Whirled Away
Whirled away is a clear base with large hex matte white glitters as well as smaller black matte hex glitters and black bar glitter. I am not at ALL a fan of the formula of this polish. The glitter is practically impossible to get on the nail, unless you do a lot of work with it. I like to sort of dab the glitter onto the nail instead of trying to just brush it on, and that works pretty well. I wouldn't even bother with this polish, but I just love the way that it looks, so I keep going back to it despite the crappy formula. Sometimes the bar glitter curls up a little and gives you that dreaded taco glitter, but I am telling you, despite all it's kinks, Whirled away looks awesome on the nails, and I especially love the way it looks with my neon mani!!

So hopefully you guys enjoyed this mani! I definitely LOVE it, and am in no hurry to take this one off! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my mani monday! Be sure to stop by next week, when the theme will be Glitter! Can't wait for that!!


Lindsay said...

Great minds think alike... I chose the same neon this week... it's amazing!

Lu said...

Great color combo! Love the top coat, too!

Nail Polish Sleuth said...

Love the colour combo. I agree Whirled Away is difficult to use!

Jessi said...

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my mani post!


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