Mani Monday: A total fail in stripes!

Are you ready to laugh? What I am about to share with you is possibly the worst manicure I have ever done. It's bad. Laughable even. Honestly, I wouldn't even be showing you at all if it weren't for the fact that this week's mani monday theme is stripes. And despite my talent at stripes, I wanted to participate. So I did my best. It's ok if you laugh, honestly. I'll never know.

I wanted to do some sort of autumn-like theme, so I started out with a base color of a gorgeous copper-y colored polish- China Glaze Harvest Moon. It's so pretty. A very nice metallic copper with some really killer sparkle!

Then I grabbed my L.A. Colors art Deco striper polish in black and added some vertical stripes on each nail. They're a little sloppy, and I am not thrilled with at all with the finished look, but I did my best so I thought it was worth sharing!

Here's the finished product! I hope you enjoy or at least got a laugh! haha. Come back next week and check out my favorite nude polish!


Lindsay said...

I think they turned out great!! Awesome job xx

Jaime Smith said...

I did get a laugh from your description of your manicure. :) I think its a good combo and I think I need Harvest moon in my life!

Jessi said...

Thanks Lindsay!

Jaime, You need it! I am obsessed with this polish right now. In fact, I am kind of obsessed with copper-y colored polish in general, because I just bought Revlon's copper penny today. Despite the fact that I already have harvest moon AND Elf's copper. lol.

Nail Polish Sleuth said...

Definitely not a fail...they look great!


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