Nail of the day: More stamping

I have been itching to use one of my latest nail polish purchases for a while now, so I decided to use it as the base color for some more stamping fun! This time, I tried using a stamping plate with a smaller image and stamping that image repeatedly in different colors all over the nails. I LOVE the way this turned out. The stamping was super easy and I really like the combination of colors I chose. What do you think?

I started out by painting on my base color. It's a New York Color Polish in the color tudor city teal. IT is so pretty. It's a light, bright blue green shade that is just gorgeous! Application of this polish was really fantastic! The first coat applied incredibly sheer and I was worried that it was gonna be one of those 4 coater polishes. But the second coat got it opaque and even. This polish is so stunning, especially considering the 99 cent price tag!

After I applied the polish I added my top coat, and once everything was dry I set about the stamping process! I used the Bundle Monster image plate # BM02 (the image indicated)

I did the same stamp repeatedly on each nail in blue, white and black. I used Sinful Colors Black on Black, Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Sinful Colors Endless Blue to stamp with. They all transferred really well and stamped beautifully. Endless Blue didn't show up quite as dark as I had hoped, but it still was really beautiful!

After that I let it dry for a few minutes, applied my top coat and voila! I was left with a beautiful manicure that was super easy but looks much more complicated than it was! I love it! I am really loving stamping! I wish I had tried this so much sooner!

Sorry for the lousy photo quality. I didn't have the best lightning to work with, and I took the photos with my phone. I really need to get a decent camera for capturing my nail art, but for now, I have to work with what I've got! Anyway, hopefully you enjoyed this! Leave me a comment, or else use the contact card to get in touch! I would love to hear from you!


Nail Polish Sleuth said...

Great mani, I need to get my stamper out!

Jessi said...

thanks! Stamping is so fun!

Casey Hanna said...

Wow, beautiful! I need this in my life lol

Jessi said...

haha thanks, Casey!


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