My favorite Red Nail Polishes

I have been meaning to do a series of my favorite nail polishes for a really long time. I will go through each of the colors of the rainbow (and then some) and share with you my favorite polishes from my collection in each color. I thought I would start out with Red. I just happened to have 10 favorite red polishes. I didn't plan it that way. For some colors there will be more, for others there will be less. But, for now, we'll start with my favorite reds!

1. New York Color Broadway Burgundy Frost- This is a deep burgundy red with a bit of a frosty finish. It's opaque in 2 coats, dries relatively quickly and is super affordable at under a dollar a bottle. 

2. China Glaze Poinsettia- This is a bright, tomato red that applies like a dream. So beautiful. Opaque in two coats and one of my favorite reds to use around Christmas time! China Glaze polishes are pretty affordable. I can get them for 5 dollars or less at Sally Beauty Supply.

 3. China Glaze Ruby Pumps- Another classic from China Glaze. Ruby Pumps is a favorite among beauty bloggers, and for good reason. It's a beautiful red with shimmer running through it. Just like Dorothy's ruby slippers! This polish is opaque in two to three coats and can be worn on it's own, without undies!

4. Wet n Wild Megalast in I Red a Good Book- This is another classic tomato red shade. Sort of primary crayon red. This can be worn with just one thick coat, but I tend to do two thin coats when I wear it. I love the brush on the megalast polishes. It's a nice wide brush that is super easy to use. The finish on this polish is a gorgeous cream. It's super affordable- under two dollars a bottle. It's probably my favorite red of the bunch and if you can only pick up one, I recommend that this be it! 

5. Ulta Eye Popping Poppy- This is different from all of the other reds I have to share with you. It's a bright poppy color. Sort of an orange-y red that is perfect for spring and summertime. This can be opaque in one coat, but again, I always do two coats. Ulta polishes are 6 dollars a bottle, but I got mine on sale for 2 dollars! What a deal! 

6. Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar- This is another super affordable polish. You can get sinful Colors polishes for $1.99 from most drugstores and can often find them on sale for $.99! Sugar Sugar is a deep metallic red that is absolutely beautiful. It's my other favorite red of the bunch. This practically glows on the nails, is opaque in two coats and is the perfect Christmas Red 

7. Sinful Colors Hot Chili- This is a deep chili red base with red and gold glitter pieces in it and it's stunning. The formula on this one is a bit thick, so it's not the easiest to work with, but it's a great color, and I would be remiss if I didn't include it. It's opaque in two coats and does not need anything underneath. It's a great polish! 

8. Elf Cranberry- This is another one coater polish that is super affordable. Elf polishes are just two dollars, and this one is stunning. It's a beautiful cranberry red that dries super fast and looks great on the nails. There's not much else to say about this one. It's fantastic. 

9. Revlon Parfumerie Bordeaux- This is a deep wine red with a cream finish that is the perfect fall red in my opinion. The parfumerie polishes are not only packaged in possibly the cutest way ever, but they run just 6 dollars, and they have the bonus of smelling amazing. Bordeaux smells like red wine and it's so pleasant to use. It applies smoothly and the color it just gorgeous, and dries to a high shine finish. No top coat required!  

10. Zoya Blaze- Zoya is one of my favorite brands as of late. It's not the most affordably brand. The polishes run 9-10 dollars a piece. But the quality of these polishes are amazing. The brush is great, the formula is awesome. And this polish, Blaze, is STUNNING! It's a gorgeous sort of berry red shade with holographic glitter running through it. This is truly something to see, and this picture does not do this polish justice at all. This finish from zoya is one of my favorites, and I sort of want to get one in every color! 

So those are my favorite Reds! I hope you enjoyed and I hope you'll stick around for my next entry in this series which will be on my favorite orange polishes. And if you want more info on these reds, check out my corresponding video! 

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