e.l.f. Studio Ultimate Kabuki Brush

I was perusing instagram one day when I saw that this amazing looking brush was available from e.l.f. I immediately went to their website (eyeslipsface.com) to buy it. You guys know what a sucker I am for Elf products. When I saw the price on this baby, my mouth dropped. $10! Ten dollars is not a lot of money for a good quality makeup brush by any means, But it's a lot for an elf brush. Elf's prices are usually dirt cheap, so 10 bucks just seems like a lot. But, I went ahead and ordered it because I am a sucker for Elf products. When it arrived in the mail I was surprised to see how big it is. The head of the brush is very fluffy and incredibly soft and flexible which I thought might make it difficult to use. That has not been the case however. I use this for applying and blending out bronzer, blush, powder, etc. I find it realy versatile. What I do is turn it and use the corner of the brush, which is rounded and quite nice to apply the product, and ten use the flat edge to blend the product out. It's big fluffy head makes blending over large areas a snap. I love to use it to blend bronzer down my neck and chest and around my forehead and because it's no big it takes no time at all. It's luxuriously soft and blends powder products beautifully. If you are leery about picking up this brush because of it's higher price point, I urge you to give it a try. It has quickly become one of my favorite elf brushes, and now that I have it I wouldn't want to be without it!

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