A Few of my Favorite Beauty Products

You don't have to have a lot of money to be able to accumulate a great collection of beauty products. You just have to shop around and know what you want. I thought I would list a few of my favorite beauty products (on a budget!)

ELF products
ELF brand cosmetics are amazing! They are quality products with an amazing price point. A lot of their cosmetics only cost $1! You can't go wrong with that. They also have a studio line and a mineral line, which are a bit more expensive, but still a completely great price. Most of their cosmetics in their studio line are $3! And their mineral products are in the $5 price range!

Some of my favorite ELF products are their lipsticks. Their studio line of lipsticks are soft, and apply brilliantly, and their color range is phenomenal. And quite frankly, at $1 a tube, you can try any and all of the colors without breaking the bank! I also adore their $1 mascara!

You can find the ELF line of cosmetics at Target, or you can check out the whole line at eyeslipsface.com

New York Color Cosmetics
I adore a lot of the New York Color (NYC) products. Their Smooth Skin liquid foundation is great. It's full coverage, and at around $3, you really can't beat the price. I also regularly use their color wheel Mosaic Face Powder (around $5) and their Smooth Skin bronzing face powder, in the color sunny (around $3). My favorite blush also comes from NYC. It's West Side Wine (number 652) and will cost you around $3.

Wet 'N Wild cosmetics

Wet 'N Wild makes the most amazing eyeshadow! The quality is amazing, the colors are very pigmented, and the price cannot be beat!

So there ya have it. Some inexpensive cosmetics that are amazing quality. What are your favorite drugstore brand cosmetics?

*note I am not affiliated with any of these brands. My opinions are my own.

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