Haul Part 2: CVS

So, as I posted on the Budget Beauty Facebook page (Like it if you haven't already!) CVS is having a great sale. TONS of products on sale for 50-75 % off! I went there tonight specifically looking for Wet 'N Wild Eyeshadows, and of course, Nail Polish. I had little luck with the wet 'n wild eyeshadow palettes. The ones that were on sale were the 6 pan shadow palettes. They were 50% off. I only found two, the rest were gone! I was going to get them both, but at the last minute decided just to pick up one. I got the one in Greed. Let me tell you the lighting in these pictures really stink. I will do better swatches some other time if anyone is interested, but these will do for now.

The pictures really don't do this palette justice. The lighter shades in the palette are beautiful, but subtle. And these shadows are so soft. Not at all chalky or powdery like I expected. The Price? Originally 4.99 but since they were 50% off, I snagged it up for $2.49!

When I went in to CVS, my main goal was to find the NYC Nail polishes, since I love them so much, and with the 75% off, They would have been a quarter! But, alas, the CVS I went to didn't carry NYC. Either that or they had them hidden! haha. I did find some good deals on nail polish, though. I walked out of there with 16 bottles!

First, I snagged a few of the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Polishes. The ones I got were 75% off, so they rang up around 79 cents. I got the colors Purple Potion, Ivy League, Blue It, and plum Power. I also picked up a couple Wet 'n Wild nail polishes I have been wanting. These weren't on sale, but were only 2 dollars each, and well worth it! I got the Wet 'N Wild fast dry polishes in Grey's anatomy and Party of Five Glitters.

So that was all I really found that caught my eye, so we rang out and were walking out the door, when Eric spotted this adorable set of 10 nail polishes for 9.99 and so we ended up getting that too! The set itself was hard to photograph, so bear with the pictures, please!

As I said, the set comes with 10 different nail polishes. They are all glitters and so pretty. They are called Shades of the Season. They don't have names on the bottles but they are red, white, magenta, silver, pink, dark blue, gold, purple, green and light blue. They are very sheer, and great for layering over other nail polishes, and the quality of them is suprisingly good, considering that usually sets like these are crap. I think I will get a ton of use out of these, and while they weren't on sale, it equals out to a buck a bottle, and that's a great deal.

So that's all I picked up. I spent a total of around 20 dollars, and saved $11.00 with the sale items, so all in all I'd say I made out! Have you checked out your local CVS yet? If so, what did you purchase? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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