I was eager to try out some of the nail polishes I purchased last night, so I did a really quick manicure. I did one thin coat of Wet 'n Wild Grey's anatomy. It turned out very sheer but all I wanted it for was as a base for Wet 'n wild's party of five glitters. This polish is gorgeous! application was a nightmare, but it usually is when it comes to chunky glitter. I love the way it turned out though, despite the fact that I did it rather quickly and messily. This is two coats of glitter over one sheer coat of greys anatomy. click the photos for a larger view!

with flash

without flash


char cantrell said...

Jess your blog is great I love it and how well you can change your looks with just few products is amazing Merry Christmas to you and your family thanks for the effort!

Jessi said...

thank you so much!


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