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Sorry I have been MIA lately. We had some computer issues this last week, and so I was without a computer for 4 days! But I'm back now with another nail of the day post. I did something different today. Something I never do. I attempted to get creative. I am not CRAZY about the results, but I think it's a neat manicure! I started out by putting on three thin layers of Sally Hansen xtreme wear in Ivy league. I chose this color because I thought it would be a neat light Christmas green. Once I got it on, though, I wasn't really feeling the color (at least not as a christmas green- this is a gorgeous wpring/summer shade) so I decided that rather than take it off, I would spruce it up a little and try to make it more Christmassy. So, I painted just the tips with China Glaze Holly-Day. I just did it freehand, so it was not at all perfect and uniform but I liked the colors together. Except that my nails reminded me of a watermelon. Again, great for spring and summer, but not so great for December. So, to top it all off, I added two coats of wet 'n wild hallucinate. It's still not exactly what I had in mind, but it sure it pretty. What do you think? The first photo is before glitter, the second is after. Sorry the photos are so big. I'm still having some computer issues, and I can't resize them.

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