Urban Decay Haul and swatches

Sorry for the back to back hauls. I expected it would take longer for my package from urban decay to arrive. I ordered from Urbandecay.com on Monday, February 20th. It was very late at night, and it was a holiday, so I wasn't expecting to get my package until sometime next week. Well, it was processed and shipped by Wednesday and it arrived today, which is Friday! Super fast shipping, especially since, considering I spent more than 50 dollars on the site, the shipping was free. Also, everything was packaged up very securely with tissue paper and bubble wrap, so everything I ordered arrived to me intact. Very happy with them and their processing and shipping times!

Before I go one, I should say that Urban Decay is high end make up and can be very expensive. I had been wanting to try out their line for a long time, but was hesitant because it was so expensive. Well, a couple of weeks ago my husband bought me a palette from their line. The naked 2 palette. I fell in love with it, and it made me want to try even more of their eye makeup. Well, I checked out their website, and while their prices are normally out of my price range, they have amazing sales on their website. So if you are on a budget, like I am, and are always looking to try out new cosmetics at low prices, check out their sale page! Everything I purchased was part of their sale!

As you can see I got a ton of stuff. But all of that only cost me right around 60 dollars. Considering that normally all of that would have cost me twice that, if not more, I am very pleased with what I got from their sale! Let me give you a closer look!

The first item I picked out on the website it the rollergirl palette. The packaging on this one is super cute. It's black and white photos of a girl on roller skates and the label on it is bright pink.It's a box with a magnetic lid. Very sturdy. I adore the packaging.

As you can see above this palette comes with 4 different eyeshadows. The shades of eyeshadow are Woodstock (bright pink), verve (a taupe color), suspect (a shimmery champagne color) and darkhorse (a dark brown). The palette also comes with a travel size 24/7 glide on eyeliner pencil in the color whiskey (a matte brown). Alongside it, you get a mini lip junkie lip gloss in the shade crush (bright pink). Here are some swatches.

L to R: Woodstock, Verve, Suspect, Dark Horse. Below: Whiskey eyeliner pencil

The original price on this adorable little palette was 32 dollars. I got it on sale for 13 dollars. WEll worth the price! The eyeshadows are soft and vibrant and blendable. I haven't used them, other than to swatch them but I think I am going to love them. If you are interested in getting this palette, it's still available! You can find it here.

Next I picked out the Fun palette. The packaging on this one is vibrant, colorful and of course, fun!

Some of these colors repeat from the rollergirl palette, but I really wanted to try a couple of the shades, so I figured I would get it while it was on sale. After all, duplicates of these amazing shadows is just fine by me!

The shadows in this one are: Woodstock (that same gorgeous pink as in the rollergirl palette), baked (a pretty gold), Uzi (a glittery white shade), Sin (a sort of pinky flesh tone frosty color- hard to describe), flipside (a teal color), and psychedelic sister (a beautiful purple.) It also comes with a 24/7 glide on eyeliner in oil slick (a shimmery black), and a mini primer potion, which I am eager to try because I have heard so many good things about it.

L to R: Oil slick eyeliner, woodstock, baked, uzi below: sin, flipside, psychedelic sister.

Originally this palette costs 34 dollars. It was marked down to 16 dollars! It's still available here, if you are interested!

Next, I got the cowboy junkie set. It comes with the midnight cowboy palette and a full size lip gloss! The packaging is purple with gold writing on it. I love it.

The shadows in this one are gorgeous and chock full of glitter so I think that they will be perfect for night time looks!

This palette comes with 4 eyeshadows. Midnight cowboy is a pink champagne color with tons of silver glitter. Midnight Cowboy Rides again is a golden beige with bronze, gold and silver glitter. Midnight Cowgirl is a subtle golden-beige with gold glitter. And Romp is a beautiful deep royal purple. This set also comes with the 24/7 glide on eyeliner in whiskey (I was glad to see that this one came with brown rather than black- I have a ton of black eyeliners already, so getting two brown ones was totally A-ok with me!). As well as all that, this set also comes with a full size lip junkie lip gloss is midnight cowboy. It's a beautiful shimmery nude gloss. This lip junkie lip gloss costs 19 dollars on Urbandecay.com. I got the whole set for 19 dollars, so I got a real steal! The original price of the set, before the sale, was 38 dollars! Here are some swatches

L to R: Midnight Cowboy, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Midnight cowgirl, Romp (this picture does not do this color justice at all- it's beautiful and deep purple) and below that is the eyeliner in whiskey.

I can't wait to use the shadows in this palette. I love that they are neutral shades but packed with glitter. I don't own anything like these. Want to snag this palette? You can get it here!

I forgot to take photos of them with their respective sets, but here are swatches of the lip glosses and the primer potion

Midnight Cowboy lip junkie, Clash lip junkie, original primer potion

Next, I got the 24/7 shadow pencil stash

This is a set of 5 travel size eyeshadow pencils. They are fat, creamy pencils that apply line an eyeliner, but dry down to an eyeshadow consistency. I plan to use these both as bases for other eyeshadows, as well as on their own. I've never owned anything like this, and normally I would check out a drugstore brand before comitting to them, but I got this set for 12 dollars, when it usually runs for 34 dollars. That gets broken down to just over 2 dollars a pencil. Definitely worth it to try these out, because I love them. The colors are Delinquent (dark purple w/bright purple sparkle), Rehab (brownish-taupe), Juju (frosted taupe), sin (shimmering pinky-champagne) and Clash (bright turquoise w/silver sparkle). I love these They are still available here.

top to bottom: Delinquent, Rehab, Juju, Sin and Clash

The last thing I picked up was just a single eyeshadow. It's a mtte eyeshadow in the shade Chronic. It's a beautiful green. This normally would cost 18 dollars. It was on sale for 3. I couldn't pass it up at that price! It's still available here.

My order also came with two free samples. I got a tiny sample of their afterglow glide on cheek tint in quickie, and a sample of their original primer potion also

Over all I am very very happy with my experience with urbandecay.com and all of the products I purchased. I think I got a lot of really great deals. i apologize for such a long haul, and if I sounded like an urban decay advertisement. But I really do love these products judging by the little experience I have with them. And I wanted you all to be able to take advantage of the sale if you were so inclined, which is why I didn't use these products more before doing this haul. I didn't want anyone to miss out on the deals! Are you familiar with urban decay products? Have you ever purchased off their sale page? What products should I try next?

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