Drama: Review and Eye Look

Today I am going to give you a closer look at another one of the Elf brightening eye color quads. This time in Drama.

The E.L.F. brightening eye color quads contain, of course, four different eyeshadows. The packaging in a white case, with a clear lid. It's not the most sturdy packaging in the world, but it's pretty decent for a dollar. The quads also each feature a small mirror, and a sponge tip applicator.

Drama contains a white shade, a glittery gunmetal grey color, a sparkly black, and a sparkly silver shade. this quad makes for the perfect smoky eye, at a fantastic value! The colors are somewhat powdery, and there is quite a bit of fall out if you aren't careful. The colors show up best on a base. The following pictures show swatches with no base or primer.

With Flash

No Flash

I created a look with this quad to show you a look you can achieve. I did a classic smoky eye. I used the silver shade all over my lid. The gunmetal shade to darken up the outer corner and in the crease. I used the black to line my eyes and also put some into the outer corner of my eye to smoke the look out. And I used the white along my brow bone and inner corner as a highlight.

Overall I think this is one of the best Elf quads. The pigmentation is good, the colors are beautiful and it makes for an awesome smoky eye. You can't beat all that for just $1!

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