June Favorites

Summer is well on it's way! June is just about over. Once again, it seems like this month just flew by. Things have been pretty busy around here. My oldest son is home for summer vacation, and it seems like we are always busy with something or another. So I have been going for a fairly natural look most days of June. Especially since it was so hot this month! So here's my favorites for this month! once again, these photos are stock photos and not my own. I don't know what it is about these monthly favorite posts, but I am always too lazy to take pictures myself! lol.

Elf essential brightening eyeliner pencil in coffee

I am not crazy about this eyeliner in general. It's not the greatest for lining my eyes. It tugs and it's not super easy to work with. What I have loved this pencil for this month is for filling in my eyebrows. It's the perfect color and consistency for that. Love it. The pencil I have is actually a travel size one that came in one of the palettes or sets that I got from elf. I definitely plan on purchasing it in full size once I use up the travel one.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

You might say this palette doesn't belong on a budget beauty blog. After all, It set me back 50 dollars. however, I don't regret it at all, because this has been such an amazing value for me. I literally have been using this palette everyday. There are so many different eyeshadow looks you can create with this. Plus, if you break it down, the price comes to just over 4 dollars an eyeshadow. And the quality of these eyeshadows are so unbelieveably amazing for that price. So maybe I had to put down a larger investment originally, but this is definitely the most budget friendly way to experience so many of urban decay's awesome eyeshadows. Anyway, I love this palette. I have the naked 2 palette as well, but this is the one I have reached for most this month. It's a great palette to create a super simple neutral eye which is what I have been doing most days. My favorite combination of shadows this month? Sin on the lid, Buck in the crease and Virgin as a brow bone and inner corner highlight.

Elf Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer

I keep meaning to do a review on this product, and for some reason I just haven't gotten around to it. But let me tell you, I LOVE this product. On the days that I wore foundation rather than tinted moisturizer this month (which I admit, have been few and far between) I used this primer. It glides on so smooth and makes my foundation just slide right on, and last all day. The packaging for this is also super cute. I just love it. It's a bit more expensive for an elf product. 6 dollars, and it's not exactly a huge size, but there are tons of coupon codes out there, and this product really is worth it!

L.A. color blush in peach Rose

My mom actually gave me this blush, and I wasn't expecting anything from it. It's one of those brands that I see at the dollar store, and they just see like the quality would be awful. Well, the quality of this blush doesn't blow me away. It's powdery and doesn't last a super long time, so I do have to re-apply throughout the day, but I really love the color. Just like the name implies, it's a rosy peach color with some shimmer in it. It's darker than most of the other blushes I choose to wear during the summer, but it's sheer, so it makes for the perfect wash of color for summertime. I highly recommend this blush!

That's all of my favorites this time around! Hope you enjoyed! What were some of your favorite products this month?

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