Nail of the day: color blocking

I have been loving the color block trend lately. I am not always confident enough to rock the trend in my wardrobe. But I can do it on my nails! I have been wearing this particular color combination a ton lately. I apologize for the photo. I actually took this particular photo while I waiting for a concert i went to to start. I could take a better photo, but the colors in this one are so true to life!

Base Coat: Sally Hansen double duty strengthening base and top coat
Polish: Elf coral Dream, Wet 'n Wild Wild shine Tickled Pink
Top Coat: none


Mystique Burba said...

Love the color block idea! Gotta try it on my toes :)

Jessi said...

thanks! I am horrific at actual nail art, but I can do different color combinations for something different and unique!


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