New Videos on my youtube channel

Are you following my youtube channel yet? If you aren't you should be. There's lots of content there that you won't necessarily see here on my blog! My username over there is Jwhackers, and you can find my channel here. I've recently uploaded a few new videos that you should check out!

There's my red lip video, where I give you a ton of tips on how to create the perfect red lip. That's part one. And in part two I share with you my entire collection of red lip products (which is constantly growing, I am loving red lips lately!

Red Lips Part one
Red Lips Part Two

Another video I posted recently is my favorites from December 2012. I know I did a 2012 all time favorite products post here, but there were a few products I just loved in December that I didn't love long enough to make it into my top products of 2012, but that I wanted to mention. So I went ahead and did a december favorites video as well

December 2012 Favorites

And most recently I posted my top 12 Nail Polishes of 2012 video. Where I share my top 12 favorite nail polishes that I wore in 2012.

Top 12 Nail Polishes of 2012

So that's it for now, guys. I know it seems like I have been posting a ton of videos lately, but don't worry, I won't be neglecting this blog. I have big plans for it for 2013! So be sure to follow the blog if you don't already, and of course check out my youtube channel and subscribe to that. That way you never miss any content! Thanks for reading, guys! Hope you're having an awesome January so far!

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