Mani Mondays: Accent Nail

It's Monday, which means it's time again to share with you my manicure! Mani Mondays is a project that myself, as well as some fellow nail polish enthusiasts are a part of each week. This brilliant idea came from Lindsay over at Always a Girly Girl. We're given a theme and we create our mani's around that theme and then share what we came up with, on Monday, of course! The theme this week is accent nails. I love doing accent nails! It's so fun. I am not all that thrilled with my manicure, to be honest. It looks a little sloppy. It looked so much prettier in my head. But, I don't have time to come up with a new idea and execute it, so I'll share it anyway. I love the idea. Just no so much the application!

The idea to do a black and white mani with a pop of color came to me earlier in the week last week. Originally I was planning on doing an entirely black and white manicure and have the bright pink as the accent nail. That sort of went out the window when I picked up this gorgeous pink polish from China Glaze at TJ Maxx over the weekend. I loved it so much, I decided it would be the main color of this mani!

So the main color of this mani is China Glaze's Monte Carlo. It's a bright pink with a sort of frosty finish. I picked it up at TJ Max over the weekend while I was school clothes shopping for my children. It was only $2.99 and there was no way I could pass it up! I decided to do a totally different accent nail than I've ever done in the past. Normally I so the ring finger as my accent nail, but I decided this time to do a pistol accent nail. So I did a pretty basic black and white polka dot design on my index finger and thumb of each hand.

 I painted the index finger and thumb with Snow Me White from Sinful colors, and then used a large dotting tool to add polka dots using Sinful Colors Black on Black. These are the most basic of polishes and I think that the formula on the sinful colors ones are pretty darn decent. Love it when you can pick up such awesome, basic polishes for that 2 dollar price tag!

Overall, as I said, I really like the idea behind this manicure, but I didn't do a fantastic job at the dotting. I've only worked with my dotting tools a few times, and I am still not all that great at getting it even and being able to fit the polka dots nicely on the nail. It takes some practice, and I am sure I will get better with time. Thanks for stopping by to check out this edition on Mani Monday! Be sure to check back next week, when the theme will be Neon!


Nail Polish Sleuth said...

Pink with black and white is fabulous! I wouldn't have passed it up for 2.99 eaither :)

Lindsay said...

I LOVE IT! Something about pairing black, white and pink has me at hello (if you know what I mean)... it looks so sleek! Also, kudo's for switching up the accent nail and using a different finger than the norm! Thanks for sharing <3

Jessi said...

thank you


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