Mani Monday: Halloween

Hey guys! I am so sorry that I haven't been participating in Mani Monday lately. I've just been feeling rather uninspired lately. But no more, this week's theme is Halloween and I am fired up! So fired up, in fact, that today kicks off the first of 4 Halloween manis that I have ideas for. If everything goes as planned, hopefully I will post a new halloween themed mani everyday until Halloween!But for now let's show off this one for Mani Monday!

 How cute are these adorable little glow in the dark ghost face nails? And super easy! I started out by painting two coats of the Wet n Wild Wild Shine polish in French White, and then topped that with a coat of the Sinful Colors Glow in the dark Polish. Once it was all dry I just used a dotting tool and added the eyes and mouths using Sinful Colors Black on Black. Easy peasy. These are so cute, and super awesome looking in the dark! Love them!

I hope you'll pop by tomorrow and see my next Halloween themed mani! Fingers crossed it turns out as cute in reality as it looks in my head! haha. Thanks for stopping by!


Lindsay said...

Nail twinsies this week! I love how creepy they look!

Jaime Smith said...

Love little ghosts!

Nail Polish Sleuth said...

So cute!

Casey Hanna said...

Cute idea for halloween, I love glow in the dark polish. Will you please follow me back? :)http://makeupcase1.blogspot.com/


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