Makeup MVPs 2013: Lips

When it comes to lip products, I really don't have that much to talk to you all about! I own upwards of 50 lipsticks, and tend to rotate between them quite often, so not too many really have a chance to become tried and true favorites. But I have amassed a few of my favorite brands and styles of lip products to share with you, so let's just go ahead and jump into it!

Elf Lip Exfoliator- It is so important to take care of your lips. Exfoliating, especially when you're wearing bold lip colors is so important! I love the Elf Lip exfoliator because it comes in a handy lipstick-like tube. You just rub it on your lips and it does an amazing job of removing dead skin cells. It's a sugar-y yummy exfoliator so it's not at all unpleasant, and it's super affordable! Can't beat that!

When it comes to lip balms, I have a couple of tried and true favorites that I always go back to!

Eos Lip Balms- I can't help myself I just love these spherical lip balms so much. The packaging is super cute, they come in a large variety of flavors, and they never get lost in my handbag. They maybe aren't the most moisturizing lip balms ever, so they're not fantastic in the winter time, at least for me, but I find myself reaching for the one in "Lemon Drop" all summer long because it's got SPF and the bright yellow sphere is just so fun!

Maybelline Baby Lips- My other fave lip balm ever! These ARE super moisturizing so they can be used all year round. The clear ones, are great for wearing underneath more drying lip products. But there's a bonus, because they also come in a ton of different tinted versions, which means you can get all the moisturization of the balm and add a bit of sheer color as well. These are so easy just to pop on your lips to complete any look without having to deal with the drying properties some lipsticks can have. My favorite is "Grape Vine" but all of the colors are amazing. I have quite the collection of these babies!

When it comes to lipsticks, I really have a few brands that I absolutely love, but honestly, there are so many amazing lipsticks available at the drug store, that I am always finding new amazing lip products!

Maybelline Color Whisper- I really like this line of lipsticks because it's moisturizing. I love moisturizing lip products, and these come in a huge variety of shades. I love the one in "Lust for Blush" because it's a nice easy to wear neutral color that goes with just about any eye look you can create.

Maybelline Vivids- These are amazingly pigmented bright in your face lipsticks that are just out of this world for the drugstore! If you are interested in really making a a statement with your lips these are where it's at. I only have a couple shades, because I find that some of them can be a little intimidating to wear on an everyday basis, but these were some of my favorite lipsticks to wear in the summer. Whenever I wanted to go super natural on the eyes and make a statement with my lips, these are the lipsticks I would reach for!

Revlon Lip Butters- I started my love affair with the Revlon lip butters last year and I am still head over heels for these guys. A huge variety of colors, moisturizing properties and a drugstore price make these some of my all time favorite lipsticks. The colors range from your run of the mill easy to wear everyday pinks to berries to reds and everywhere in between. There's something for everyone in this lipstick line!

Revlon Just bitten kissable balm stain in Honey- In this instance, rather than talking about an entire line of lip products, I am talking about a particular color. The kissable balm stain in honey is the perfect everyday easy to wear mauve color. It's long lasting being that it's a stain, but also moisturizing, not like those marker style stains that are available from just about every line. I like this one a lot!

Elf Matte Lip Color- I really like these products from Elf. I love the look of a nice matte lip occassionally, and these from Elf are great. They come in 6 different shades, which is the only downfall of these. I wish there were more! Like most matte lip products these do tend to dry the lips out more than your average lipstick, but with a balm underneath I find these really easy to wear. They aren't patchy at all, and for just 3 bucks, they can't be beat price wise!

Elf Lip Lock Pencil- I am not much of a lip pencil girl. I only own about 3 or 4, and I tend to avoid lining my lips if at all possible, just because I find it so tedious! But when I absolutely have to have a lip liner, I love this lip lock pencil because it keeps your lipstick from bleeding, but it doesn't add any color. So it's super easy to line without worrying about going out of the lip line, and it doesn't take away from the lip color I am applying. It's a handy little item!

Elf Lip Gloss Sticks- I have a TON of lip glosses that I could have mentioned here, but I chose to go with the lip gloss sticks because I find these to be incredibly versatile. They have the pigmentation of a sheer lipstick, the moisturizing properties of a balm and the glossy finish of a lip gloss. When I wear these, they tend to be the only product I put on my lips. I don't necessarily use them strictly as glosses. There is a nice variety of shades, and finishes. Some of them have glitter! They are just a really nice option for when I want a lip color that is moisturizing and glossy and easy to wear!

So that's it for my MVP lip products form 2013! Be sure to keep coming back for more! There's lots more things I want to talk about including my MVP hair products, Bath and Body Products, Nail Polishes and perfumes! If you thought this series was over you've got another thing coming! Thanks for stopping by!

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