Blush 101 and my blush collection

I know a lot of women that avoid wearing blush at all costs. Whether it's because they fear it will not look natural, or they are just unsure how to apply it. It's a shame because the perfect blush can really bring out the structure of your face and finish off a look, especially when paired with a bronzer and/or highlight (which I will cover in a separate post)

As I said, the right blush can really bring a look together. It's one of my favorite types of makeup to purchase and use. So which blush will work best for you? Read more to find out!

Before I get started I should tell you that there are no hard and fast makeup rules. While there are certain shades or types of blush I may suggest you steer clear of, nothing says you can't rock them anyway. Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. If you want to rock a bright pink blush with silver shimmer in in the daytime at the beach, then by all means, do so. I am simply stating some tips and opinions that are my own.

Choosing a blush is a two-fold process. First you need to decide on the type of blush, and then you need to decide on the color. Here's a quick guide on choosing the right formula...

If you have dry skin: Cream blushes are more hydrating and tend to be very flattering on dry skin.

Oily/combination skin: Powder blushes work best as they do not add to the oiliness of your skin, nor do they slide off of oily skin.

Normal Skin: you can wear any type of blush!

As far as finishes go, matte blushes work well on all skin types and ages. Shimmer can work as well, but you have to be careful. Super shimmery blush can make pores look larger than they are. Also, shimmer/glitter generally should be avoided in excess during the day time, in my opinion. At least on the face.

As far as color for a natural look, the general rule is to go for a color that is similar to your face after a work out or your pinched cheeks. That is the shade that will look most natural on you. Generally the darker your skin color, the brighter the blush you choose. But, really as long as you are confident you can rock just about any blush out there! Use your best instincts, and try lots of things. You may be surprised at what looks best on you. You may think that a gold-toned blush wouldn't work for you but find that when used with a light hand, it's a lovely shade for your skin tone. Take risks! Get samples of blushes to try if you are concerned about spending money on a blush that will not flatter you. But most of all, just have fun!

Now I will share with you the blushes in my makeup collection. As I said above, the most natural blush color is the shade that matches your pinched cheeks. But as you can see I have many different shades and finishes. I don't stick to that rule.

1. Elf contouring blush and Bronzing Powder. The blush in this duo is called blushed. It's a lovely peachy pink blush with gold shimmer. As you can see I have hit pan on this blush. I use it all the time.

2. Aziza II- my mom actually gave me this blush duo. I have no idea where she got it. It's a duo of pink blushes. One being a darker pink, and one being a lighter pink.

3. L.A. Colors blush in Peach Rose- This is another peachy pink blush with gold shimmer, but it's a couple of shades darker than the Elf blushed. This is another that I think looks really natural and I use often.

4. L.A. Colors blush in Toast- This is a deep brown toned pink and is completely matte. It looks beautiful on, especially in the summer time when I have a bit more color.

5. Elf peachy keen blush- this blush is a straight up peach color with a nice sheen. It's another really natural barely there blush.

6. Elf pink passion blush- this blush is bright pink. Very bright. It can be intimidating to use. But when used with a light hand it gives the prettiest pink flush to the cheeks.

7. Elf cream blush in flirt- this is a lovely cream blush that has a sort of whipped spongey texture. It blends beautifully on the skin and is a nice bright pink.

8. Hard Candy fox in a box blush in Hot flash- This boxed blush has four different colors that you can use alone or swirl together. The shades inside are a very light pink, a neutral, a mid-toned pink and a bright fuchsia. This blush is beautiful but must be used with a light hand on my fair skin otherwise I look a little like a clown.

9. Wet 'n Wild twist up blush stick in 721- this is a stick blush that is a little hard to blend but lovely after you work with it. It is sort of a blue based pink color.

10. Elf all over color stick in Persimmon- I love these elf all over color sticks. They are so creamy, so pretty and so cheap. Persimmon has sort of a iridescent type sheen to it. I know that's not accurate but I can't think how else to describe it. It's a really pretty baby pink color that is pretty as a blush or a highlight shade.

11. Elf all over color stick in pink lemonade- this one is a really dark mauve-y pink that when blended out gives a beautiful flush of color.

12. Elf all over color stick in lilac petal- This one is very similar in color to persimmon only it has a bit or a purple cast to it. a very subtle purple cast. I only see purple when comparing it to persimmon.

13. Elf all over color stick in Golden peach- this one is just what the name implies a golden peach color.

14. Blush from the Elf Flawless face collection- this one a medium toned pink with a bit of shimmer.

15. deep wine colored blush from the elf beauty on the go palette in night on the town- this is the darkest blush I own. It's a beautiful deep wine color and i love it blended away to almost nothing.

16. Baby pink colored blush from the Elf beauty on the go palette in day on the beach- this is a super subtle baby pink matte blush

17. Gold colored blush from the elf beauty on the go palette in Tuscany retreat- this is a gold blush that leans more toward a highlight on my skin. It's very pretty and works well on tanned skin.

Well, that's all for my blush collection. I hope you found this post helpful. Be sure to leave any questions or comments below. Thanks for reading!


Zazzu said...

There are people who hate wearing blusher? Not me...my blusher will be pried from my cold, dead hands! ;)

You're spot on about trying different blushers. Even with my cool tones, I can get away with a slight coral tint in the summer.

That's quite a lot of blushers you have there!

FAB! said...

blusher is my daily makeup must.. I like the colours u have.

Do visit my blog, do follow if u like it. I'd be real glad.



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