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So, the premise of this post is this. I wake up one morning and find that all of my makeup has disappeared. I'm not sure what happened to it. It was stolen maybe? haha. But, I can go out and repurchase only 10 products. Again, not sure why. I didn't write the tag. So, I have to decide which 10 products I would repurchase. I am assuming there is no price limit, since no one who has done this tag mentions one, so that makes it a little easier. So yeah, which 10 makeup products would I go out and purchase to begin my makeup collection again?

I have a couple of higher end products. Products that I feel, despite their high price tag, are worth the investment. The rest are drugstore and very inexpensive items. I have talked about all of these products before on this blog. I love them and they are favorites. Hence the reason I would go out and snag them back up! So let's get started.

1. NYC Smooth Skin pressed powder in Translucent- this powder is my all time favorite pressed powder. I prefer pressed powder over loose powder because it's simply not as messy. As you can see I have hit pan on this powder, and that's because I use it practically everyday. It's great for setting my make up, and for touching up throughout the day. It's translucent so it always matches my skin tone, and it's nice and light so it doesn't cake up on me. The price point on this product is great. I believe I purchased it for less than 3 dollars, and it has lasted me about 9 months now and it's nowhere near used up yet!

2. Urban Decay Naked Palette- this one is sort of cheating, because it's one product but you get 12 different eyeshadows out of the deal. I debated between choosing this one or the Naked 2 palette, but I chose this one simply because I feel like I can do a lot more with this one in terms of using it for daytime look and nighttime looks. I love this eyeshadow palette. The colors are all various neutrals. they can be combined in dozens of different combinations, and it even comes with a handy brush. This product cost me 50 dollars. Which is a lot. But that breaks down to about 4 dollars a shadow, which isn't bad at all. Especially considering how soft and easily blended these are. I highly recommend this palette! Urban Decay is one of my favorite cosmetics companies.

3. Covergirl lash blast volume waterproof mascara in black-brown- this is one of my all time favorite mascaras. It glides on smooth. there is no clumping. it gives my lashes tons of volume and some length. The color is the perfect shade for day looks or night looks. And it's waterproof which means it doesn't budge til I am ready to take it off. Love this mascara. This one runs about 6-8 dollars, depending on where you purchase it and can be found at most drug stores.

4. EOS lip balm in Lemon Drop- I have talked about this product so much I might as well get hired as an advertiser. But it's because this lip balm is just awesome. I love how smooth it goes on. I love the smell. I love the shape. I love the fact that it has SPF. There's nothing bad about this product. I think I paid around 3 dollars for it, and it has lasted me so long and still has tons of use left. It's a great balm!

5. Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eyeliner pencil in perversion- If I could only have one eyeliner, this would be it. I have a zillion eyeliner pencils, but this one is by far my favorite. It's the blackest black I have found in pencil form. It glides on so easily. Doesn't drag or pull and lasts forever! I purchased this in a set of 5 eyeliners for 19 dollars from Urban Decay during a sale. It was a great deal, because buying just this one pencil full is 19 dollars. But I would purchase this again, even if I had to pay full price. It's that good. Sure there are other really great eyeliners out there for much less. But nothing that I have found that tops this one. I think it's worth the investment. Especially if you, like me, tend to wear eyeliner in pencil form all the time, rather than liquid or gel eyeliner.

6. Revlon Colorburst lip butter in Creme Brulee- when going through my makeup, at first I wasn't going to choose a lip stick. But then I remembered this one and couldn't leave it out. I love the color and the consistency of this lip product. It's the perfect nude color. The finish is beautiful. I have almost used this little baby up and I will be purchasing another as soon as I do. This one cost me I believe around 7 or 8 dollars.

7. Elf tinted moisurizer in Nude- I debated about whether I wanted to do a foundation or a tinted moisturizer, and I decided on a tinted moisturizer just because I really enjoy this one. The nude color is the perfect shade for me (I originally bought porcelain, and I still have it and use it, but nude is a much better match for me). It's got enough coverage to even out my skin tone without being too heavy like foundations can sometimes be. This tinted moisturizer has SPF which is, of course, an awesome bonus. I love it. And for 3 dollars, you really can't lose.

8. Urban Decay 24/7 concealer pencil in CIA- another Urban Decay Product. you guys are probably thinking geez is this a budget beauty blog or not. But this is another one of those products that I think is worth the investment. I paid just 5 dollars for this concealer when it was on sale. And I love it. It's so creamy and easy to blend. It's the perfect shade for under y eyes because it's a couple shades lighter than my skin so it really brightens up this area. I only paid 5 dollars for it, but I would definitely pay the full price for this in the future. It's another one of those products that I just think is worth the investment.

9. Elf contouring blush and bronzing powder- I love love love this duo. I cannot say enough good things about it. The blush side is a lovely peachy pink with gold shimmer. I have talked about this blush a ton. It's my number one favorite blush. The bronzer side is a little dark for me, but definitely useable with a light hand. I will buy this over and over everytime I use it up. I love it! And for 3 dollars you can't beat it! They say it's a dupe for the Nars Orgasm and Laguna duo. I have no clue if that's true or not, but it's a pretty darn good little duo, dupe or not.

10. Elf wet gloss lash and brow clean mascara- this is one of my must have items. I use this to keep my eyebrows under control. My brows tend to go all over the place if I don't use this stuff. It holds the brows in place, and it really makes a difference in my overall look. It only costs a dollar, works great. What else can I say?

So that's it. That's my 10 products I would repurchase. Which items would you purchase if you woke up one day and found all your makeup had disappeared? I tag anyone who wants to do this, and if you do it, please leave a comment and link me to it so that I can be sure to read/watch it! Thanks for reading!

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