May 2014 Julep Maven Box: Boho Glam

When Julep announced that they were going to be crowdfunding to raise money to create and produce the Plie wand, I was totally intrigued, and immediately pre-paid for the box. When I heard Julep was offering double jules this month I was psyched! When I heard that Julep was shipping out the crowdfunders boxes I was even more excited! Unfortunately, due to an error, my box didn't end up getting shipped out early like the rest of the crowdfunder boxes. Julep Customer service was super great and got it shipped out asap, and offered me jules to make up for the delay, which I gladly accepted. And my box arrived soon after with my maven selections as well as my add ons, and all was right with the world. The only problem with my box was that they didn't send the bonus polish they gave to all crowfunders, and so that arrived in a separate box a few days after my May box. Still, I got everything I was supposed to get, so I am not complaining.

For the May box I chose Boho Glam this time. It was the box that had the colors that I liked the most, even though I have similar colors already in my collection. As someone with over 300 nail polishes, it would be amazing if they had polishes available that were completely unique to my collection. Boho Glam came with two polishes and the plie wand. The polishes are Jeanne and Paulette.

Julep describes Jeanne as a jet set blue creme. It is a really pretty, but not terribly unique bright baby blue polish with a creme finish. I haven't used this polish yet, but when I swatched it, it had a very nice formula. Paulette is described as a Golden Lilac tulle shimmer. It's a beautiful pastel lilac purple with a ton of gold shimmer running through it. I wore this polish last week, and it applied beautifully. The formula was fantastic, and the color was stunning. It's become one of my favorite Julep Polishes.

In addition to the polishes, I also got the plie wand. It's a tool that Julep created to help make polishing nails easier. It is ergonomically  designed to bring more control, accuracy, and fin to every polishing experience. It is designed to work with julep polishes. I've only used it once so far, and while it was a bit awkward to hold in my non dominant hand, I think that with practice it will greatly help my polishing skills.

Julep sent everyone who crowdfunded a bonus polish. It's Yumi, a glitter topcoat with pink, silver and holographic glitter pieces. It's a really pretty polish, but again, not terribly unique.

I also added on the mod art kit to my monthly box. It seemed like such a great deal.It was just $19..99 and I actually used Jules, so it didn't cost me anything out of pocket! It came with the plie wand creativity kit, which comes with a dotting tool and striper that works with the plie wand. It also came with 5 polishes that I didn't already own. The 5 polishes are Brigitte, a bright white creme, Sienna- a gold shimmer polish, Madison- an electric neon hot pink creme, Bette, an electric neon purple creme and Jet- a jet black creme.

So that's it, that's my May Box! I hope you enjoyed taking a little peek inside! If you are interested in becoming a julep maven, you can feel free to use my referral link to sign up! http://www.julep.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/158571/

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