E.L.F. lip gloss sticks review and swatches

When I first saw these Jumbo lip gloss sticks available on eyeslipsface.com I knew I had to have them. These are, I think, meant to follow the design of the clinique chubby sticks, or the revlon kissable balm stains. They are a fat crayon type product that is retractable so no sharpening required. The packaging is quite nice. It's a matte white tube with a clear lid. Each tube has a strip of color along the bottom, and that is where you turn to push the product up. EAch colored strip, of course, corresponds with the color of the product.

The shades that I purchased are "In the Nude", your typical nude shade, "Tiki Torches", a peachy pink color with gold shimmer, "Summer Nights", a pretty light pink with gold shimmer, "Sangria Starters", a brick red and "Movie Star" a bright fuchsia pink. There were three other colors available that I did not pick up (but plan to!) which are "Coco Loco" (which looks to be a mauve shade), "Pink Umbrellas" (a bright bubblegum pink) and "Flirty and Girly" ( a bright fuchsia with shimmer).

I really enjoy these lip glosses! They aren't super glossy, which I guess kinda could count against them, since they calls these lip gloss sticks. But they have a nice sheen, and they last quite a bit longer than the average gloss on me. These are what I had hoped the Revlon kissable balm stains would be. They are quite moisturizing and the color payoff is fantastic, without being super opaque. The color selection is nice, and I hope that they come out with even more colors soon. I would love to see a bright red, a coral and even a plum shade!

The only thing that isn't a home run for me with this product is the smell of these products. They are sort of plastic-y smelling, with a hint of mint thrown in. While I don't love the smell, however, it doesn't transfer to the lips, so it's not something that really bothers me too much. I just wish they had a more pleasant smell!

Overall, I highly recommend these little babies! At just two dollars a piece they are a steal. 
I apologize for the quality of these photos. My camera cord is still MIA, so I had to use my crappy phone camera to take them. I promise I will edit in better photographs once I get a new camera cord!
In the Nude, Tiki Torches, Summer Nights, Sangria Starters, Movie Star

You get quite a lot of product for $2!
in the nude, tiki torches summer nights, sangria starters, movie star

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