Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles Review

When I received the Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles in my influenster sunkissed voxbox, I did not have high hopes. I own a few pair of high heels. I NEVER wear them. I prefer flats. Don't get me wrong, I love the way that high heels look. I do not, however, love the way that high heels feel. Let's face it, most high heels just straight up hurt! They make the balls of your feet throb. They squeeze and rub the backs of your heels the wrong way. And make it pretty much impossible to walk. So I decided to put the High Heel Insoles to the ultimate test and put them into my most uncomfortable heels and see how they work!

The heels
These gorgeous super tall beauties I picked up at Target last fall to wear to a ball that I attended while I was in Chicago. I wore them for all of about 30 minutes at the ball before I took them off and went barefoot the rest of the night because these suckers KILLED my feet. They have since then sat in my closet tormenting me because I love the way they look but just can't handle the way they feel. 

So I popped the Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel insoles into them. The first thing I notices was that they were slim enough to fit into the shoe without showing, or hanging off the edge or anything, which is good. These are supposed to stick into your shoes, but be easily removable so they don't damage your shoe. They didn't stick all that well in my shoe. The fabric on the inside of my shoe must have hindered their performance there. But once I got my foot in there they were fine.

I walked around in these shoes for quite a while, and I gotta say, the insoles did help a bit! They cushion the ball of the foot so they don't immediately start screaming, and the heel as well! I have bigger feet (size 10!) and I still found that the insole was long enough to cushion the parts of the foot that need it the most.

Now, these aren't miracle workers. These shoes still hurt after a while. But it took longer for my feet to protest, and so I was able to get a bit more wear out of them, then without the insoles. Are these things miracle workers? No! But they do help! The shoes were much more comfortable with the insoles than without, at least.

Maybe on a less terribly uncomfortable pair of shoes these would be the miracle I was looking for. Overall, I do think that the Insoles helped, but not enough to make these beautiful shoes wearable enough. Back in the closet they go!

*I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from influenster.

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